Always faithful.

Culturally Extinct

Today’s world is so full of hate, racism,intolerance, all sorts of evils. A few weeks ago 8 people were shot in a church prayer meeting in Charleston by a very disturbed young man. After this, our country has determined that a historical battle flag is a sign of hate and is now banned. This flag is now being removed as state flags and no longer for sale and a popular TV show (that had this flag painted on the hood of a car) is now banned. Are we rewriting history trying to remove a piece of our past? Every person every family every town county state country and every culture in the history of existence has done things that we aren’t proud of, isn’t that how we evolve to be a civil society it doesn’t mean we cover it up and pretend it didn’t happen, we reflect on it and remember where we came from and most importantly where we’re going… Ahhh where we’re going that’s the real question. Christians are being called biggots because Christians believe marriage is a covenant between man, woman and God. For many years Christians have been calm and prayerful about abortion, children being born out of wedlock, divorce, prayer in school or public. Christians have not stood their ground on these things, or held each other accountable. These things just seem to happen and became the norm without much flack. Recently our U.S. Supreme Court voted that gay marriage is now legal. Christians began to take a stand for their beliefs. All while Americans are supposed to be tolerant and accepting to all unless you’re a Christian voicing your opinion. It does not mean  Christians hate gays. I personally believe that gay couples should have legal rights and healthcare etc the same as a married couple but I do believe my marriage is a covenant with God, I don’t personally think gay marriage is. I believe it is a union with the same legal rights. Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is a whole other subject and remember we are a tolerant society except no one is tolerant of Christians or morals or family values. Sometimes it seem our world thrives so much on shock culture and sensationalism that we are self destructing ourselves to be the next new big story or controversy. I read an article this morning about the history of and The creation of the Baja of California.

The Baja used to be attached to the mainland of Mexico but 50 million years ago it broke away during an earthquake. This article was very interesting talking about early people, the Pericu, hunters and gatherers living in caves, (50,000 years ago or 10,000 it’s an archaeological debate) probably came from South Pacific or even from the Bering Strait. Anyway there was a term used for these people who have disappeared… “culturally extinct as a people”. That term really made me think, those early tribal barbaric people roughing it to the extreme, trying to exist living off the land, praying to their Gods, burying their loved ones, existing.  Then the Spaniards arrived, they began wearing clothes and eventually were probably killed off.

Think about that…. Are Christians soon to be culturally extinct? I’m afraid so because we have been polite and calmly praying about these hot topics instead of standing up for our moral and Christian ground. Now what?


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