Always faithful.

Human or humane?

Influences lives.
A baby brought into this world has no control of their life or their surroundings. They hope to be surrounded by responsible caregivers providing a loving clean healthy environment free from hunger or violence or abuse. Hopefully lots of unconditional love. Seems easy enough. What if I told you this baby was black, and being raised in a ghetto government apartment by a mom who sells drugs and does tricks on the side and the occasional John and sometimes the baby daddy stops by and is abusive to the baby. Teaching molding and shaping this baby with each thing it sees. Not the greatest environment for a baby to be raised.
What if I told you this baby was Hispanic being raised in a large family by both parents and multiple brothers and sisters aunts uncles and grandparents. Lots of love and great food. This baby has seen love and care everyday.
Imagine the differences in these two babies lives. How each environments shaped each life. How its not the fault of the baby, could you blame the baby for the way it was raised? Is it the baby’s fault if its terrified each day like its fighting for its own livelihood not loved probably hungry afraid someone will try to hurt them. Becoming defensive just out of self protection. While the other baby is loved happy go lucky everyone the baby meets baby assumes is a loving person there to love and love baby in return.
Vast differences our cultures can create. I used Hispanic and black families only as examples you could remove the race and interchange any one in either place. We humans are all capable of either. We humans are responsible for molding and shaping lives. I used race as an example because it seems get get tempers flared more. I’m getting to my point soon. But you can replace the race with the word human and maybe it removes preconceived notions. But now replace the word baby with puppy. How does that change things. Believe me I know human babies and puppies are vastly different concepts. A dog is a damned dog my husband would say. But when you look at the responsibility of raising a dog in the same light of raising a child environment factors ignorance factors does this really weigh in to society today? Now go back and think if that puppy was a pit bull. How does that weigh in now? Responsible pet ownership is important. If you raise a puppy to have to defend its livelihood each moment of everyday it will tend to be aggressive. Just like when we thought we were talking about a baby it’s not the baby’s fault for its upbringing. Each baby or puppy is unique they should not be labeled as being dangerous or horrible just because of its race or breed. We shouldn’t judge a person by their race or even their upbringing. So why do we judge a dog by their breed. It’s a form of racism.


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