Always faithful.

Elizabeth left two days ago to go to the UK study abroad trip with TTU as part of her grad school.  Today is her birthday. I miss her and she’s only been gone two days. I’m excited for her she’s wanted to take Study abroad for a couple of years, so I’m glad she is getting to do it. Which is kind of odd because she is a homebody.

I’m very frustrated because she doesn’t have cell service at all. I called Verizon to get add on packages so she could text etc. They didn’t tell me her phone didn’t have the capability!!!! So she gets there and she is the only one with no cell service. I hate that so much. I’m just livid with Verizon about it. I would have upgraded her phone if I’d known. I’m soooo mad! Anyway, she can get wifi at the hotel. So our only communication is thru Facebook messages. She sent me a message at 3am this morning, we suggested that she look into getting a prepaid phone there in London, saying that she would check into it. I’m just afraid she hasn’t told anyone she doesn’t have service and she won’t ask to go to a phone store because she doesn’t want to bother anyone. Because that’s just how she is. Nice to a fault. Bless her sweet heart.

 What a doll!

 This was a whistle lesson from Grandad.

 One of my favorite pics of Ellie Mae!

Wearing Grandad’s hat   Stick horse with a yardstick and string.

Elizabeth and Morgan, still friends.

 Yee Haw!

Elizabeth loves Hallie. Has always tried to “mother” her. Hallie resists. But Elizabeth still loves. Elizabeth is the most kind hearted, sweet, will go above and beyond to get things done usually sacrificing her own needs to get things done for others, especially in her job. She exemplifies model work ethics. She is a great friend, sister, DAUGHTER. She takes caution with her heart and driving a go kart. She could use a little dab of her sisters un wielding lack of caution. But I appreciate it as I have it too. She is super smart and calculates all her decisions. She always had a hard time buying things in the store she might carry around something like she wanted it but when it was time to check out she’d put it back. She has always had a hard time parting with her money and really thinks about it first. But loves to spend money at Happy hour at Sonic and Taco Villa. She is sweet and friendly but shy to a fault when it comes to guys. I think her beauty is intimidating to guys and then she’s shy so they probably think she’s a snob. She is really just a simple country girl that would be happy to live on 4 miles of dirt road in the middle of nowhere taking care of a husband and kids. My prayer for her everyday is that God knows what man she needs and when they finally meet they both will know and they will complement each other well.

Love my sweet Elizabeth, and miss her tons today. Prayers for safe travels and a great time in the UK. Not very many people get to celebrate their birthday in London! I thank God for giving me such a sweet soul to have raised. She makes me so very proud.


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