Always faithful.

Our 27th Anniversary

April 12, 2012 Jeff and I have been married 27 years!!!! (BTW I don’t like odd number years, so I’ll begin saying we’re working on 28 now)

Jeff was gone to Oklahoma spraying wheat. I got to go to quilting today so that was good. I missed Husband so much today, I kept myself  busy planting flowers, working in the yard. I’ve been fighting spring fever trying to wait til the mesquite trees had come out. They have!

So glad to get rid of this!

and replacing the dead with Springy LIFE!

I found some red and white dianthus and blue lobelia. Hopeful to have a patriotic

red, white and blue themed flower pot!


I love Spring!

My Spring blooming flowers seem to be making up for doing bad last year, they seem to be in over drive. My Lilacs have never bloomed so pretty.

Busying myself was a bit of a distraction. But when I went to find something to eat for supper I just grabbed a frozen dinner. 

I won’t cook for just myself it’s just not worth it. I became overwhelmed with loneliness, Husband had gone out to eat with the other guys and just the thought of not being with him on our Anniversary and here it was eating a frozen dinner just got to me and about that time Curtis called and a bawl bag baby answered the phone then I was coughing too because I’ve had bronchitis. So I ended up having to fb chat with him because of my inability to communicate at the time. I cried on his shoulder, poor guy caught me at a bad time. Curtis is a good guy.

Anyway Husband came home early on Saturday, two days later, (on Hallie’s b-day) and surprised me. I knew he’d be home sometime that day but I didn’t know he’d left that early in the day. He was home by noon. when he got home he immediately went to the mailbox. He came in with an express letter he had mailed on the 11th that just got here.


It  had the sweetest Anniversary card and note I’ve ever had. Reminded me of when we were dating.

Here is a pic of Husband and I when we were dating! so young!

I’m just glad I still love him and miss him when he’s gone. And appreciate the card and thoughts that went with it so much. He was upset it didn’t get to me in time. But it was the thought that counts for sure. I love it! and Him!

Here’s to at least 27 more years! Love you Husband!


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