Always faithful.

Hallie’s 20th Birthday

Hallie turned 20 April 14

She lives her life to the fullest. She enjoys everyday, I’m pretty sure she has no regrets ever and no “I wish I had’s”. She isn’t like me in that aspect at all. I’m not one to live in the NOW like she does. I try to learn from her about it though. I’m always thinking what I’ve got to do right now and I’ll do that fun stuff in a minute or after I’ve done this chore…..

She is a high spirited live wire, she tells it like it is like it or not. She is blunt but hilarious all at the same time. She’s brutally honest but usually necessarily. She works hard, goes to school full time, and has quite a social life. She is an excellent cook. She is ornery, so very ornery, to her sister. She knows exactly how to push all Elizabeth’s buttons, can piss her off in an instant. Pretty sure no one takes advantage of Hallie but she is helpful to those who need her, she “helps” others with school etc. But I’m sure it works to her advantage as well. She is not scared of anything except frogs or anything slimy. You def want her to be your friend not enemy, although I don’t think she’s had many for very long. She is a good friend. She loves the thrill of the ride whether it’s roller coasters, airplanes, fast go karts or fast pickups. She knows and loves Texas Music through to her bones. She is driven by music, thrives on it. She has quite an extensive library.  She schools herself on the ins and outs of the business as well. She follows her fav bands but is open to new ones too. She is very independent, but in the same moment she will con you into doing everything for her, it’s a little sister thing. She is active likes exercise, I think that comes from going to gymnastics and cheerleading all her life. She has a need to exert energy it gets pent up inside her and it needs to spill out. When she was little she would jump on the trampoline for hours or hop on her pogo stick FOREVER. But in this same breath she can fall asleep in a second especially in the car. I don’t have that gift. She has a good fashion sense, I call her the fashion nazi. She has her own style that is unique yet trendy. She is creative she can put things together in decorating a room that seems odd but all together it looks great. She can paint and be crafty and she can sew too. She has an amazing ability to be so witty, smart assed and funny all at the same time, just like her daddy. She can give a look that can kill, wonder where she learned that? God blessed us with 20 years of fun looking forward to see what He does in her life. As she has one more year of college, wondering where she will go and what she will do.

How can a baby be born with black hair and then it turn blonde ?

Hallie partied Friday night with friends in LBK and they took some good pics of both my girls.


Hallie brought all her friends, well most of them, to Floydada on Saturday and they went to LindseyBeth’s fishing hole. Then came to our house for supper and hot tubing.

Shelby Mc, Corey Banks, Carter Thornton, LindseyBeth, Mitchell, Elizabeth, Sydney Mc, Emily Henry, Gage Graybill, ? Keith Booe, Toby, Kobie Decker, ?

Then Sunday we gave a presentation at church bout our Mission Trip. We had the family party at our house. Hallie asked Nana to make her a cold coconut cake. It was so good. Had a great weekend. but man am I tired.

Happy Birthday Hallie, keep your zest for life but don’t run the guys off with your independent attitude. Love you!


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