Always faithful.

Husband got a haircut!

Husband is like a little boy about getting haircuts, he hates getting them.

But it’s kinda obvious he needed one.

He had been working all week in Dell City and decided while there it was time for a haircut. He said his hat wouldn’t stay on his head anymore. So we were on our way to Plainview to the bank when he said “Keep your eyes open for a barber pole.” I pointed out the first one I saw which was a vato Fast Cutter, housed in the same building as the beer/liquor store. Perfect place for Jeff to get a haircut.

The girl that cut his hair and I were having fun making fun of it.

Poor husband sorry we made fun of you. kinda.

Time for the big REVEAL!

Are you ready?

I’m not sure you are!







Ha Ha Ha!

actually not far off.

Oh well, it’s cut, and his hat will stay on now.

This is how he “fixes” his hair anyway.


Later that night his head was cold and had me find him a toboggan! Ha hA!

This is a day in my life.

He was home a whole 18 hours before leaving for Thomas OK to spray wheat. : (


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