Always faithful.

Easter Weekend

Hallie came home first, when she got here we went to the hangar so Jeff could tie the plane down and take chemical out so he could spray in the morning.

Elizabeth met us out there on her way home.

I LOVE having my girls home. It’s so nice to have all my chicks in the nest and just to have our family together. We go to Lubbock and see them usually eating out or drinking out. but not very often do they come home. Makes me sad, but so thankful they are independent strong hard working girls.

Cute girls!

We then went and ate supper at El Rancho which is across the street. They’ve recently reopened and it’s good and I can’t seem to get enough of it lately. But I also think I have to hurry and eat there as much as possible before they close down again.

Then Hallie’s BFF’s came over and went hot tubing.

And drank mojitos and wine and beer and….. then went to allsup’s in their robes. silliness. pure silliness. Thankfully Elizabeth drove them and tolerated them.  They drove all over town “checking in” places on Facebook. it was funny. Poor Jeff, home for 18 hours and he had to be subjected to silly behavior, oh well that’s who they are. And so glad they were home!

We went to Nana’s on Sunday after church, (I didn’t go to church cuz I’ve been coughing my lungs up)

We ate lots at Nana’s. Justin and Tata came too. Micah brought her sweet new adopted weener dog Charlie Waffles.

The girls stayed the night and went to work Monday morning it was so nice to have them here. I think I’ve said that before but I can’t stress it enough how much I enjoyed them being here. Did I tell you how great it was to have my girls home? Well believe me it was wonderful.


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