Always faithful.


I didn’t sleep good last night, my mind would not stop. I was thinking of everything that needs to be done, about everything I don’t know what to do about and everything that could possibly ever happen and everything that I have no control over.

Then I get a call this morning that I need to go back and have a follow up mammogram. I went to the gyno yesterday and went for a mammogram too, what fun! Now I’m kinda freaking out that they found something. But last year it was the same thing I have a real dense spot that needed more compression to look at better, and everything was fine. Hopefully it will be the same again this year. Note to self make them look at it right there so I don’t have to do it all over again and get freaked out when they call me back.

We have so many things coming up, my calendar is filling up. We are going to Cabo in 8 days. Then we go on a mission trip Spring Break. I just made an appt to go visit with the banker, Ugh! that ought to be fun… then right after that I’ll go get my follow up mammogram. I’m just feeling like I’m caught up in a whirlwind and everything is spiraling out of control and I’m trying to grab hold of things that are flying by and gather them all up, then everything gets sucked out of my grasp and I start all over again. I need to just take a look at this moment and do what I can about one thing at a time, but then I find myself looking ahead at the next task that needs dealt with and worrying about that. Ugh! I just want to crawl in a hole and hide. I can’t’ even take a nap to get over my lack of sleep because I can’t let go of this STUFF in my brain!  Calgon take me away! Sure nuff there would be a vortex in the water that I would get caught up in trying to get away. Ha ha I can’t seem to escape these vortices that are surrounding me.

I need to make a dessert for the Home Team meeting Sunday, Jeff and I are on this team for missionaries from our church going to live in India.

Tuesday- Banker meeting and mammogram and I think we’re supposed to eat with my brother that night so that means we’ll be taking Nana to LBK with us

Church on Wednesday

Thursday-  the housekeeper is coming I need to get hair color and my nails did sometime later this week and the quilters are supposed to go on a road trip to Matador I don’t think I can do that

Fri  I need to pack for Cabo

leave for Cabo on Sat but take Emmitt to Plv first

Jeff and I have tickets to see Willie Nelson 3 days after we get back from Cabo.

There is a big wedding we’re going to the night before we leave for the Mission trip and I need to buy a new dress for that, yuck! I don’t want to go shopping. That is on my mind as well. and

I need to think of everything we will need to take on that trip as well, do we have enough air mattresses? what about snacks, water, sandwiches etc. we haven’t figured out everything on that stuff. Yikes!

Oh and I’m hostess to a shower on that same morning of the wedding and I think I’m supposed to make sausage balls for that. and make sure her cookbook is ready from the quilters.

These are the things I’m in a vortex with. all in there with me are the business things that need tending to and the daily stuff too. Ack!

Here I go trying to tackle a portion of it. All the while that damn mammogram is haunting me…….


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