Always faithful.

Carpe Diem

We heard this morning that Joe Reid died of a heart attack. And for all selfish reasons I’m so sad.

Mike and Joe were friends. I can remember our families stock showing together and having a crush on him. His sister Donna, I idolized, she was so cute.

I’m sad that I never took the opportunity to talk to Joe in person, face to face, to maybe get one more memory in my memory bank of Mike.

I don’t remember the last time I saw Joe. He’d moved back to Floydada and I didn’t know it, he lived in his grandparents Snodgrass’ house. I had chatted with him on Facebook a few times when he lived I think in Odessa, he’d ask me if it’d rained, and always asked about Nana and Justin. Why, oh why, did I never know he’d moved back here and why didn’t I make a point to visit with him.  I bet he has some memories of Mike that he now has taken with him.

Sudden death is so painful, amazing how in an instant that familiar pain of grief can get it’s grip on you. Coming from deep down inside where you’ve shoved it, man, can it rear it’s ugly head in a hurry.

Saturday on his Facebook he posted that he was elated that he just found out he has a 23 yr old daughter. When Nana saw this on Facebook she replied “What?” and when he saw it he immediately called her and told her the whole story. He was so happy and excited. Nana and I just talked about her conversation with him a couple days ago. This girls mother just died and while on her deathbed told her who her father was. Poor girl.

Makes me sad for my Mom too, I can’t imagine the emotions this brings to her as well. I must remind myself to LIVE life everyday, I’m so bad about getting bogged down in the ins and outs of everyday BS that I forget to live in the moment.

Carpe Diem


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